Here you will find the menu for: various dosing levels, healing herbs and other medicinal mushrooms, active organizations and completed research, as well as preparation and integration advice.

Below is a list of excellent books to have in your psychedelic library! I personally own them all.

Psilocybin literature

An excellent guide for beginners or those who have never used psilocybin before, this book covers dosing, preparation, integration, and trip sitting in detail! Relatable and concise, this is an excellent starting book.

Paul Stamets is the world-renowned mycologist leading the research for mushrooms as an answer to various health and ecological problems. This identification guide also has historical information as well as “good tips for great trips!” Also worth reading is Mycelium Running.

Ryan Munevar, Decriminalize CA campaign director, highly recommends this book for anyone interested in growing their own psilocybin mushrooms. A complete guide to having your own supply of medicine!

Psychedelic use for healing

This book is an invaluable addition to your library, and has many case stories from the author who has been practicing psychedelic assisted therapy for 20 years. The author trained with a curandera from the Mazatec tradition using psilocybin for healing and spiritual purposes.

The best encyclopedic resource for those new to psychedelics, this book covers many topics including microdosing, preparation, current research, traditional and historical use, and findings from the first psychedelic research in the 1950’s/60’s.

The easy to follow book offers many case studies and safe use recommendations from a psychedelic therapist practicing for over 30 years. The insights in this book are very inspiring and informative on the use of entheogens for releasing trauma.

Based off of The Tibetan Book of the Dead, this guide written by Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert (Ram Dass) was the first of its’ kind to provide a roadmap of the psychedelic experience. It is informative for the different types of experiences one can encounter at the different levels of the psychedelic experience.

General psychedelic history and reading

An enthralling collection of essays, stories and personal accounts all focusing on the feminine side of psychedelics. An invaluable book for a field still largely dominated by men.

Terence McKenna just may be my favorite psychedelic researcher and theorist. This book outlines many facts and archaeological research regarding the use of entheogens and drugs since the dawn of human history, from Neolithic times to the 1990’s!

Another excellent resource for learning about the history of sacred plant and fungi use, and what they meant for the many different tribes and civilizations who use them.

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